Thursday, July 03, 2008

Moving On.

well before i post about my ground-breaking-heart-shattering lose weight experience, i want to share some of my thought. recently... er... not recently actually but, whatever. a friend of mine. let's call her HOPE.broke up with her boyfriend and since then all emotion that reflected in her eyes just, emptiness,hollow,and despair. we tried to make her cheer up and move on but it doesn't work. i mean come on, i know you love him, HOPE, but there's nothing you can do at this point except accept the fact and move on. i know you, you're a big girls and got a head that was great at solving problems.

but why this time your emotion overcome your logic? you can always say you love him so much. you can't live without him, but accept the fact please, he's not that into you. and probably he's just playing around with you. killing time.see the big picture now girl? why expecting something that you knew it from the start it's not going to happen. now or then or else. you've got the look, got the brain and are well attractive! but why you have to be like this just because that man whose not and will never be again care for you anymore? why bother do such an effort to win his heart back? you know he doesn't love you that much! come on! wake up? don't you know there's still a lot of people that love you as you are. no matter how crybaby you are. no matter how annoying you are when we collides thing...

but then again, back to love itself rite? when we fall in love,we always playing with emotion and feeling and when those two collide with our logic, anything can happen. what will happen next? heaven knows.. even i can't do nothing about it.

i don't know..

love is such an ephemeral dream and when it's over reality seem to be too harsh.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Waiting for •Greatness•

Well, after the ground breaking announcement by PT.MEGAXUS INFOTECH. they gonna start the O.B (Open Beta) period for Lineage ][ on August. this got me overjoyed for a whole WEEK! the most MMORPG I've been anticipated really just a click away now. (literally.) and of course this ground-breaking news brought havoc to other Indonesian game publisher. well who doesn't? by providing L2, the first and hopefully not the last A class MMORPG it's mean an overkill for another publisher. well, let me start about PT. LYTO DATARINDO FORTUNA.
after the big success and money quenching Ragnarok and then Rising Force, how can the new born Perfect WORLD can survive such greatness like Lineage ][? well, only we can decide though. but for my own opinion,(hello it's my blog isn't?)

here's the deal...

1. L2 got an awesome graphic. it surpass even World of Warcraft.
2.Class in L2 are by far the most complicated. it's up to 32+ class? and every class got their own skill.
3.well. it's about QUEST! and i promised you, that u will never run out of QUEST! can't solo.YES. that's what i called MMORPG. if you want to go solo, play mario bros. ok?
5.BOSS in this game is definitely considerably a tough opponent. even the AI for common mobs is awesome. well. In My Humble Opinion though.

See? my feet start to twittering like crazy... CAN'T WAIT!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Revamped on the blog.

ok, first of all, after the struggle on my "LOSE WEIGHT" chronicle. which i will put on this blog later, i make a liberty on myself to revamped this blog (AGAIN?) yes. it now have a very not so dark not so elegant grey background.. looks cool huh?

and maybe i'll do the banner a little retouch too. if im not lazy. and not busy with my so tiring yet FUN-FILLED work.

but for today.i think this announcement is more than enough rite? (hahaha. J/K) as soon as i finish my new article and hopefully may be put it on this blog. but lets us celebrate my re-re-re opening in this blog. CHEERS~

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Put Down My Mask

lot of thing has happened since the last time i wrote off this damn blog( hahaha..) my weight been reduced drastically cause my bad eating habit, and a lot of working out lately (yep 15 kilos hahhaa).. and im not worry too much for other people sakes, i believe we have our own destiny (ok we still have part of it but sometimes we cant fight it, so enjoy it).

now i think evolve to be mature (a little step a time but for sure!) i can see and notice when i was reminiscent what i've done this far. as far i can tell is :

i can manage my jealousy,
i can control my anger a little bit more than ever,
i can open to my best friend (i know this one took a hell of a time),
i can LET GO (finally hehehe...).
i dont sweat at small think,

i just keep moving on and keep my believe in, i wont say god has a plan for me ( i know you do but i wont just take everything out and gobble it, but i want to classify it first then if mistake happen no one go to blame.)

i just plain happier, thanks to my friend who gave me all "advice" (you know, the bitterer the medicine, faster you'll get better hehehe..)

thanks for helping me "crack my mask.. it's been for like 6 years.. and now i can see the world in more nicer view".. hehehe...

now i can fight my fear, i can fight my way out without my mask, i can see the path clearer, even i know thorns will always scratch my face and my body, but i knew now that pain shouldn't be avoided, just take it make you say "Ouch" then they will disappear leaving sratch so, one day you will remember this scratch and not make the same mistake hahaha... ok...

last but not least.

thanks Friends.. for waking me up from numbness..

Cheers, Have a Good Day.

Anindito Wicaksono Partaningrat
(finally i can say my name out to the sky)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Auditon AyoDance Indonesia

Audition Dance Indonesia

Setelah Masa Closed BETA yang cukup sukses, kini Audition AyoDance Indonesia yang di rilis oleh PT. Megaxus Infotech memulai debut untuk masa komersial, di dalam masa komersial kali ini, AyoDance mendapatkan banyak sekali respon positif dar masyarakat, dan beberapa lagu Indonesia terdapat didalamnya walaupun ada beberapa lagu yang kesannya "maksa lisensi" atau tak layak lisensi, diluar itu, AyoDance merupakan game yang menarik untuk dimainkan. kesan pertama mungkin game ini sangat terlihat konvensional, dimana meniru engine bust a groove dan bust a move. walau begitu ditambah dengan kesan online dan mode "create your own style" menjadi ujung tombak AyoDance (Audition Online) dalam menarik konsumen, dalam Audition Online, terdapat berbagai macam mode dan server. yang pertama ialah server, di AyoDance, server terbagi tiga yaitu Newbie, Advance dan Free ketiga server ini dpt dibedakan dalam mode-mode yang dpt dimainkan, dpt dikenali dengan namanya, server newbie memiliki segi permainan termudah dari seluruh server, dan juga pilihan lagu dibawah 120 bpm dan batas level 6 (1st License). server Advance merupakan kebalikan dari server Newbie, sedangkan Free merupakan server dimana para pemain tergabung dan semua mode Dance dpt ditemukan disini.

Mode Dance terbagi dlm 2 kategori. yang pertama adalah single mode, dimana terdapat berbagai mode untuk user bertanding dance dengan character lain mode- mode yang dpt ditemukan antara lain ialah, Dance Competition, Dynamic-4, Normal dan Freestyle.

Sedangkan dlm kategori kedua ialah Group Mode, dimana anda berserta pemain lain akan menjadi satu tim dan melawan pemain lainnya. Dlm Kategori ini terdapat berbagai macam mode yang menarik diantara lain ialah Couple mode dimana anda dan pasangan anda (male and female) menari bersama menantang pasangan lain, ada juga B-Boy Battle dimana anda harus menghapal arah-arah yang akan dikeluarkan sebelum menunjukkan gaya dance. sangat mengasikkan.

ditunjang dengan "Create your Own Style"anda akan mampu menampilkan fashion character anda dalam dance dan mennunjukkan style anda. sangat menarik bukan? join di sekarang!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Can You Judge People?

Back to the blog baby, been 3 month since my last post.. what a long time ago... NOW NOW NOW... add me first @ ok? what? FS? ya bet.. A Couple Days AGO... i've got some serious fight between me and COUPLE of my friends.. and one word come from their mouth : IMMATURE?

now people can i really ask ya something? how can you judge people IMMATURE? despite their appearance ok? i think im mature enough in some specs of life not another, i never run from my problems, reliable,(if im not all those ASSIGNMENT would end up in recycle bin),and take my responsibility more than enough!

could you judge me im IMMATURE cause i have some ego?
just askin' :i had enough of their ego... and when i asked them to understand me a lil.. they just roaring like crazy? do i have to bear all their responsibility? just great...

Friday, August 26, 2005

it's time to move on? yet still...

i awake at 5.00 am when everybody still laying on their bed sleeping, i was thinking back then. im in univeristy now... but some of my part yet still doesnt want to leave my high school time.. the memories, friends, even the damn teacher... somehow i kinda miss them... they was going to walk on their own path... just like i did now... but still, i miss them... oh well~ it's i think i talked to much in the middle of dawn... i wrote this just to make sure... i am ready to enter the university life.. Oh~ well got to go.. my friend waiting me in RO to dawn hunting... bye all~ wish u have a nice day! and dont forget to pray for your god... so god can give you god's love....